Deactivated WWII SMLE No1 MKIII Rifle

Deactivated WWII SMLE No1 MKIII Rifle

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A WWII SMLE NoI MKIII rifle dated 1942. This SMLE was originally a commercial rifle that was diverted for military use. The metal stock band bears no makers or date stamps. During WWII as the conflict deepened, a great many available commercial firearms were procured by the British Government and put into military service. For this particular example it was subject to a Factory Repair in 1942 and stamped "FR'42". During WWII it was stationed in Indian and received their ownership and unit markings on the stock. The initials "G.P. 12" may refer to the 12th Gurkha regiment? Indian forces fought with distinction throughout the world seeing action in Europe, Africa and Asia during the war. Post WWII this SMLE was retired from active service and used for training or drill purposes and marked with the initials "DP" and painted with a red and white band around the magazine housing to make it easily identifiable as a non firing weapon. The rifle still retains many original matching parts including the receiver, barrel, rear sight, nose cap and wood work.

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