Deactivated WWII Sten MK5

Deactivated WWII Sten MK5

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This is a WWII Sten MKV (5) manufactured by ROF F - Royal Ordnance Factory, Fazakerley. This example dates to 1944, so it's quite plausible that this one was involved in the Arnham campaign of that year.  The low serial number of 58,800 would also support this. The sling hoop is on the top of the stock, this would indicate use by Airbourne troops or Commando's.

The MKV was first introduced in early 1944,  and is essentially a better quality version of the MK2, using the same magazine port and body, magazine and similar bolt assembly. New additions were, wooden stock, pistol grip, No4 foresight and a wooden vertical foregrip. Plus a bayonet attachment. The foregrip was often removed as it was prone to breakages, and eventually discontinued for the same reason.

Deactivated to EU/UK specifications it can be partially stripped and comes with an original sling and spike bayonet. The rear section of the cocking assembly can be pulled back and will return under string tension. As can the trigger.

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