Deactivated WWII Sten MKIIS

Deactivated WWII Sten MKIIS

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A superb Second World War, British manufactured Sten MKIIS (silenced). A great looking example that hasn't been repainted and now has a lovely patina finish. Broad acceptance stamps can be found all over this Sten with WWII makers initials B&T on the magazine housing. The silenced version was used by SAS and covert units during WWII. Those that fell into Germany possession were designated as the MP.751(e) The Sten was employed in every theatre of war and was particularly favoured by the French Resistance Fighters because it could be easily dismantled and hidden away or concealed under clothing. Another very useful advantage was that the Sten had been designed to fire standard German 9mm ammunition. A great example of one of the classic British SMG's. It has been deactivated sympathetically with removable silencer, magazine housing that swivels and the gun can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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