Deactivated WWII Thompson M1A1 British / US Issue

Deactivated WWII Thompson M1A1 British / US Issue

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If you are looking for a Second World War Thompson M1A1 that has definitely seen service with either British or US forces then this is the one for you! The gun bears several markings which may give some indication as to who used it. The most obvious is what looks to be the broad arrow acceptance and inspectors stamps on the right side of the receiver. The markings are worn and only partially struck however the clearest is the broad arrow acceptance. The stock is stamped "82", this could be a rack or inventory number or possibly refer to the regiment, 82nd Airboune perhaps?  The 82nd and 101st Airboune units along with the British 1st Airbourne Division were involved in Operation Market Garden at Arnhem.

The gun has matching numbers and is evenly worn throughout, as is the woodwork which has many old bumps and briuses which can only have been caused during its service life. Thompson's were used predominantly by the British and US during WWII with this example dating to 1943 as the year on manufacture. It has the correct US Ordnance and inspectors markings; FJA - Frank J Atwood, GEG- George E. Goll and the US cross cannons. 

Deactivated to current specifications with a tensioned bolt that returns under spring tension.

This Thompson is currently at the proof house being certificated (NOW SOLD)

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