Deactivated WWII US 30 Cal with accessories

Deactivated WWII US 30 Cal with accessories

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A WWII American made Browning 1919A4 .30 calibre light machine gun with tripod and pintle. Made by Saginaw Steering Gear Division who only manufactured 30 cal's during WWII, production ended in June 1945. The 30 Cal was used in various applications during and after the war. The thirty cal, as it was named by US troops, was the main light machine gun of world war two. It was very versatile and could be a vehicle mounted weapon (tank, jeep, armoured vehicle etc) or in this case as an infantry support weapon mounted on a tripod. They saw action in all US military engagements throughout WWII, and are still in use today. Comes with an original WWII dated canvas belt, inert 3006 rounds and tripod and ammunition can.

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