Deactivated WWII US M1 Carbine by I.B.M

Deactivated WWII US M1 Carbine by I.B.M

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This is one of more scarce M1 carbines that was produced during WWII. I.B.M - International Business Machine Corp. only made 349,480 M1 Carbines from October 1943 until May 1944. They were allocated serial block 3651520 to 4009999, this M1 is number 3893890 from their single batch. Both receiver and barrel are IBM marked. This example dates to early 1944 and would have been made in preparation for the D-Day of June 1944. The woodwork is wartime and is marked with the "P" proof stamp and makers initials S-HB.

Deactivated to current specifications with a tensioned trigger and cocking lever that will return under spring tension. The magazine can be removed and the cocking lever will hold back in the safe position.

This item is available but, is currently at the proof house being certificated.

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