Deactivated WWII US Thompson M1 Sub-Machine Gun

Deactivated WWII US Thompson M1 Sub-Machine Gun

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This is an early production WWII Savage made Thompson M1 (not an M1A1). The serial number 234183 dates to the autumn of 1943. The Savage Arms Corporation manufactured an estimated total of 464,800 M1 and M1A1 during wartime production. To identify who made a particular M1 or M1A1 Thompson, the manufacturer stamped their code letter(s) on the bottom of the receiver where the front grip mount is fitted. This example has the letter S, which indicated Savage as the manufacture. The condition is very good with crisp a Parkerised finish. It has the correct US Ordnance and inspectors markings; FJA - Frank J Atwood, GEG- George E. Goll and the US cross cannons. Of considerable interest, this M1 was in service in Belgium and bears their proof markings on the receiver and barrel. The renumbered lower would also indicate that it saw service and thus required and repalcement trigger mechanism.

Deactivated to current specifications with sprung tensioned bolt carrier / cocking lever and trigger, plus moving selective fire lever.

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