Deactivated WWII US Thompson M1928A1

Deactivated WWII US Thompson M1928A1

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This is a matching numbers WWII US Thompson M1928A1 that was made by Auto-Ordnance, Bridgeport. Auto-Ordnance  M1928A1s have the letters AO in front of the serial number. Government documents show that the Bridgeport factory manufactured a total of 323,900 M1928A1 Thompsons with the last one completed 15 October 1942. This is an early example being number 48,949th dating it to 1941 as the year of manufacture.

During the Second World War this model was used by American paratroopers and Ranger battalions, as well as the Navy and Marines, the Thompson soon found its way around the world, seeing action in China, Austrailia, The Soviet Union, and almost all U.S. and Allies including the British Home Guard. Many saw use with British and Common Wealth forces in the jungles of Burma.

This example features a moving and tensioned cocking/bolt assembly and trigger that return under spring pressure. It comes fitted with a reproduction drum 50 round magazine, sling and forward pistol grip.

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