Deactivated WWII Vickers Machine Gun with accessories

Deactivated WWII Vickers Machine Gun with accessories

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This is a super condition WWII Vickers MKI machine gun. The serial number dates to 1943 and is one of only 10,170 produced by Lithgow. That year saw Lithgow complete around 2,600 to 2,700 MKI's and it is profusely broad arrow marked. The tripod is also Aussie made by Randwick Tramways (RT), and has matched upper and lower sections. Also included is an original 1942 dated ammo box containing inert .303 on a original and correct belt, plus an Esso petrol can with hose with brass attachment. Both Vickers and Tripod come with original wooden transit cases. A superb set!

The Vickers is one of most iconic and instantly recogniseable British machine guns being used is both world wars and continuing in service with the British army well into the 1960s.

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