Deactivated WWII Vickers MKI Machine Gun

Deactivated WWII Vickers MKI Machine Gun

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One of the best examples available anywhere, this is an exceptional condition WWII Vickers MKI machine gun. The serial number dates to 1941/42 and is one of less than 10,000 ever produced. It is profusely broad arrow marked with matching feed tray. The tripod is matched upper and lower sections and is dated 1942. It comes with the following original wartime accessories, a very rare dial sight MKII* dated 1944 and dovetail bracket, water can with rubber hose, canvas barrel jacket, 1945 dated 250 round canvas belt with inert .303 rounds. The Clinomter is dated 1943, plus a Foresight Deflection Bar. The gun is marked FTR MA/53 meaning it was Factory Though Repair in Australia  in 1953, a very good indication of service use.

This Vickers, accompanied with these comprehensive accessories would make a fantastic centre piece to any collection. The Vickers is one of most iconic and instantly recogniseable British machine guns being used is both world wars and continuing in service with the British army well into the 1960s. It has been deactivated to old specifications with a full working action and will cock, strip and dry.

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