Deactivated WWII ZB 30 SMG

Deactivated WWII ZB 30 SMG

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This is a rare Czech made ZB 30 machine gun, manufactured Circa 1937 with Nazi marked magazine. This example has Cyrillic markings and is stamped "M.37" (model of 1937)  , this is the export version for the Yugoslavia military, although many were requisitioned in 1939 before they were shipped and used by Czech forces to defend itself against from Nazi invasion. Only 15,000 were ever made before the Nazi's invaded. The receiver is marked with the Yugoslav crest and has matching numbers including the bolt assembly (487). This gun would have almost certainly fallen into Nazi ownership as both Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia were both invaded and occupied by Germany during the war. They are beautifully engineered guns and were chambered in 7.92mm, the same ammunition that Germany used on all its front line weapons. Often captured weapons, such as the ZB's were issued to SS and other paramilitary units. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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