Extremely Rare Deactivated Colt 1908 Shanghai Municipal Police

Extremely Rare Deactivated Colt 1908 Shanghai Municipal Police

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This is an extremely rare Colt 1908 issued by Shanghai Municipal Police, number 2588.  This pistol dates to 1932 and was part of a special order from Colt by Colonel William Fairbairn whilst he was with the Shanghai Municipal Police (1907-1941). A spring device has been added to the right side of the slide (only found on these pistols), which obscures part of the address/patent marking. The key shaped leaf spring on the left side of the slide used to put pressure on the barrel during recoil - this was to prevent jamming.  This feature was installed on most pistols at the SMP armory rather than at the Colt factory. This was done as part of the departments training by Colonel Fairbairn who didn't trust safeties and trained the police department to cock on the draw instead of leaving a round in the chamber with the safety on. The pistol also has a unique modification to the magazine with two rows of holes drilled in it. Fairbairn joined the Shanghai Police Department in 1907. The total number of Colt documented SMP shipped guns number only 4,185. Colonel Fairbairn trained the police members as well as U.K., U.S. and Canadian commando forces in both World Wars and the U.S. Special Forces in World War II. Fairbairn is most famously known for the design and development of the Fairbairn and Sykes fighting knives. With matching numbers and a lovely deep patina finish.

A real collectors piece.

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