Extremely Rare RAF Cabin Pressure Flare Pistol

Extremely Rare RAF Cabin Pressure Flare Pistol

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This is an extremely rare British RAF cabin pressure flare pistol. These somewhat odd looking flare pistols were first used during WWII by bombers and other aircraft that flew at high altitude. The locking lugs located at the end of barrel were used for locking the pistol into the fuselage seating the rubber o'ring and thus maintain cabin pressure within the aircraft. They were used as a form of communition between other aircraft and to group units whilst maintaining radio silence. Different coloured flares would be fired to identify the aircrafts status or intensions, for instances if they had wounded aboard or if coordinating an attack. This example has the original STI numbers, although very faint. These numbers identify the aircraft the pistol was assigned to. To reload the pistol whilst maintaining cabin pressure it hinges open. These pistols continued in service with the RAF for many decades after WWII seing service with various aircraft including the Falcon bomber.

This example is still live and can be deactivated to order with a full working action.

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