Just Arrived, Deactivated Rare Pre Nazi Occupation CZ27

Just Arrived, Deactivated Rare Pre Nazi Occupation CZ27

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This is a very rare pre Nazi invasion CZ27. It has a very low serial number, early slide with slanted finger groves, lanyard ring and the pre Nazi address on the slide flat “ČESKA ZBROJOVKA A. S. v PRAZE”. This pistol dates to late 1938 early 1939 and would have been made just months or possible weeks before the Germans invaded in March 1939. Very few of these pistol were ever made, in the region of 5,000 to 6,000.  After the successful invasion of Czechoslovakia all weapons manufacture was put under Nazi control. Captured CZ's were issued to all branches of the Nazi regime. They were also issued to pro Nazi Czech police units. Another interesting feature is the name "BRIGANT" and additional proof stamps. BRIGANT was used in the 1950s and 1960s for firearms exported by the FRANKONIA Jaged Company, one of the two major hunting and sports shooting department store chains in Germany.

This rare and fascinating pistol is in superb condition with all visible numbers matched.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving slide, trigger and de-cocking lever. The magazine can be removed.

This item is available for purchase and is currently at the proof house being certificated

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