Deactivated WWI SMLE Dated 1916

Deactivated WWI SMLE Dated 1916

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This is a First World War dated Enfield manufactured SMLE MKIII* rifle, dated 1916. The markings on the stock would indicate that in 1917 this rifle was issued to an Australian regiment. The numbers 2 over 17 are an abbreviation for February 1917. The brass disc is stamped with a letter A within and seven pointed star. This is the Australian property mark, and the weapon or rack number is stamped above these markings. The receiver is marked with 3 and 49. We beleive this is an abbreviation for the 3rd Division of the 49th Battalion Infantry unit of the Australian army. Formed in 1916, they were considered the longest serving Australian Army division, from between 1916 and 1991 and saw extensive action on the Western Front during the Great War. In 1943 the Division saw deployed toNew Guines where they fort against the Japanese from 1943 to 1944.

Deactivated to current specifications with full moving parts and removable magazine. It comes with an original period canvas sling.

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