Lee Enfield No4 MK1 Instructional Training Aid

Lee Enfield No4 MK1 Instructional Training Aid

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This is a WWII era Lee Enfield No4 MKI instructional training aid, marked with the SKN designation which is an abbreviation for Skeleton. It was designed to demonstrate to new recruits all aspects of rifle maintenance and handling. It demonstrates how a No4 functions with various parts cut way or sectionalised to show their inner workings. This example also has cut out section in the chamber/barrel and comes with the 5 inert WWII dated .303 training rounds and clip that can be loaded into the magazine. It was made in-house by Enfield or BSA from newly manufactured parts and as such these parts, the receiver, barrel & bolt bear no proof markings as they having never been used in a firearm. Therefore under current UK laws it is NOT classified as a firearm and can be legally sold as an instructional piece. It has its original matched bolt and magazine can cycle inert rounds and will cock and dry fire.

To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email sales@deactivated-guns.co.uk.

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