Rare Deactivated WWI SMLE No1 MKIII Ex Sniper Rifle

Rare Deactivated WWI SMLE No1 MKIII Ex Sniper Rifle

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This is a 1915 dated Enfield manufactured SMLE MKIII that was formally a First World War British sniper rifle in beautiful condition. It was converted by Whitehead Bros. who fitted mounts for the Winchester A5 scope. Still visible on the receiver are the remnants of the original three tapped holes where the mounts were once attached. Whitehead Bros. sniper SMLE's were only produced from 1915 to 1917, this rifle being from their first year of production. During the inter war period the British MOD deemed the SMLE to be obsolete and the majority were broken up and converted back to standard form before being put back into service. This example was converted back into a standard rifle in 1933 and this can be confirmed by the corresponding dates on the barrel and stock band. The rifle still has many original WWI parts including the front and rear volley and dioptor sights, correct matching bolt and magazine cut-off plate. Note the armorers repairs to the stock, this a very good indication of service use. This SMLE would have also seen active service during WWII.

This rare survivor is in superb condition with amazing wood work. You are unlikey to see another!

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