Deactiavted WWI KAR98 converted to K98

Deactiavted WWI KAR98 converted to K98

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This is a rare First World War German Kar98az that was converted into a K98k . This example was originally manufactured in 1917 by Erfurt for use by the imperial German army during the Great War . During the inter war years and throughout WWII Nazi Germany set about reworking its stocks of surplus WWI Kar98 & Gew98 rifles into the K98k configuration. Barrels, bolts and woodwork were changed along with the front and rear sights. This one is fitted with a Nazi coded (S/42G = 1935) K98 rear sight. The 7.92mm calibre remained unchanged. These converted rifles can be found with a variety of markings depending on when and where they refurbished and allocated. Because they were deemed as non-standard weapons they were often issued to para military wings of the Nazi regime including police units and the infamous SS.

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