Deactivated 1912 Dated PO8 Luger with Regimental Markings

Deactivated 1912 Dated PO8 Luger with Regimental Markings

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This is a very early 1912 dated regimentally issued PO8 Luger that was manufactured by Erfurt, and is one of only around 45,000 produced by them. The pistol has the correct Imperial German army acceptance stamps and the serial number (9902) has no letter suffix indicating that it is from the very first batch of 1912, and is pistol number 9902nd from that years production. Another unique feature only found on early Lugers is the lack of shoulder stock slots. This was introduced in 1913. The pistol grip is regimentally marked "51.I.B.5" = 51st Infantry Brigade Command weapon number 5. During WWI this regiment was made up of the 119th Grenadiers, 125th Infantry, and also included parts of the Uhlans 29th Field Artillery and 143rd Pioneer Battalion. When the regiment surrendered In 1918 it was rated as a first class division.

A rare survivor and real collectors piece.


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