Deactivated Artillery Luger dated 1914

Deactivated Artillery Luger dated 1914

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An extremely rare commercial "Artillery" Luger. This beautiful Luger is part of the early production of this model dating to 1920. Many of these pistols were converted to configurations like this by importers such as Stoeger Arms, who advertised and listed Lugers with barrels of non-standard lengths in their sales catalog from this period. In the aftermath of the First World War the German economy was on its knees. German gun companies were looking to rebuild and grow their businesses and one way to do so was to supply overseas contracts. Germany was not permitted to have weapons with barrels this length but most foreign countries could. Using existing and some newly manufactured parts production of this model for commercial sales began in 1920. Although dated 1914 this Luger bears post war 1920 proof stamps (Crown over N) and does not have any military acceptance marks. The serial number has an "A" suffix which also indicates it to be an early example. Production numbers of this model were extremely limited and exclusive. Non military Lugers were built and finished to a much higher standard then military ones. This is clearly evident with this example. The straw blued parts are accentuated by the deep and crisp bluing of the pistol. Incredibly the grip are original and matched to the pistol.

One of the rarest of all the Luger variants and a real stunner!!

f you collect Lugers then this is a must have example. Very few now exit with only handful deactivated in the UK.

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