Deactivated Early WWII German MG34

Deactivated Early WWII German MG34

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This is a Second World War dated Nazi MG34 Light Machine Gun - Maschinengewehr-34 (Machine gun, model of 1934) The MG-34 was designed in the early 1930s and saw service with the German army until the end of the second world war being used on all fronts. It was an outstanding weapon, well finished and manufactured to tight tolerances and hugely versatile, however it was slow and costly to mass produce. This example is dated 1940 and on the barrel jacket housing and has the makers code 936 - Gustloff Werke Suhl (previously BSW). The gun is covered in a plethora of Nazi stamps. At some stage during its service life it fell into Russian ownership, most likely captured whilst in use during Operation Barbarossa. 

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