Deactivated Extremely Rare WWI German MG08/15 Machine Gun

Deactivated Extremely Rare WWI German MG08/15 Machine Gun

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One of the most iconic machine guns of The Great War - the German MG08/15 machine gun. This example was made in 1918 at the Spandau arsenal and has definitely seen active service with many impacts to the water jacket almost certainly caused by shrapnel strikes. The MG08/15 was conceived in response to the British Lewis gun and French Chauchat automatic rifle. Designed to be a more portable and lighter version of the MG08, using a two man crew, one to shoot and the other to load. The gun could be used to provide supporting fire and move between positions for tactical fire support during fast moving battles and could also be used in defensive positions. This one has an even patina finish throughout and still retains its original matched feed tray mechanism. Often missing the original bipod legs bear the Imperial German Army acceptance stamp and the water jacket adaptor. Those that survived WWI were put back into service during WWII seeing service with Nazi Police, second line units, coastal defenses and during the latter stages of the war with the Volkssturm .

The original WWI drum magazine is not included in the price but is available separately £495 ***IS NOW SOLD*****. The hand painted number 7 would indicate that it was assigned to gun number 7 within its unit or company.

Deactivated with a working action.

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