Deactivated Extremely Rare WWII Nazi MP3008

Deactivated Extremely Rare WWII Nazi MP3008

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We have managed to source several exceptionally rare genuine Nazi manufactured MP3008 machine gun and a handful of spare parts. All have been recovered from a factory/warehouse that was heavily bombed by the US Airforce in 1944. After the war the area was cleared and the contents buried in a bomb crater. In the 1960s the German Bunderswehr (Federal Defense) took control of the area which was used as a military installation until 2006, whereupon contractors clearing the site discovered these parts. We have a letter of provenance with pictorial documentation of the discovery.

The MP3008 was conceived by the Nazis in the latter stages of the war. The German army was desperately short of weaponry and one solution was to copy the British Sten MK2, an inexpensive and simple mass produced machine gun. Unfortunately for the Germans the war ended and very few were ever fielded. Only 10,000 are estimated to been produced before the war's end. This is one of those guns!

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