Deactivated Incredibly Rare 1910 Dated Luger

Deactivated Incredibly Rare 1910 Dated Luger

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An incredible rare 1910 dated PO8 Luger. Given that this pistol is 109 years old, it is still in amazing condition. The bluing has a lovely patina to the finish. Note the pistol grip has not got shoulder stock slots, this slot only appears on early models. This pistol was issued for both world wars. It has the original German imperial stamps, and was refurbished by Mauser and reissued for WWII with Nazi markings and magazine. The toggle has the Nazi Eagle acceptance stamp. During the latter stages of WWII Mauser were ordered to assemble guns using all available serviceable parts. A super piece of history and a must have for the pistol or Luger collector. I must have for the Luger collector.

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