Deactivated Nazi RZM Walther PPK

Deactivated Nazi RZM Walther PPK

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This is a superb rare and early production Nazi RZM marked Walther PPK complete with holster and two magazines. These early PPK's were predominately issued to the National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, better known as the NSDAP, or Nazi Party. They were marked RZM for the purchasing branch who procured equipment and materials for the Third Reich. In German this was the Reichzeugmeisterei. RZM marked examples were only issued to highly ranking Nazi party officials and political leaders, but there is also evidence that some of these pistols were purchased by the Sicherheits Hauptamt of the SS for issue to members of the Sicherheitspolizei units and the SD. The PPK was considered at the time to be the "Rolls Royce" in development, in pistol terms and was a prized and treasured sidearm of the owner. Interestingly, there were strict regulations as to which rank Political leaders could carry their pistols with certain uniforms. This Walther PPK is a very early example that dates to 1934 production with correct pre war eagle over letter N proof stamps and 90 degree safety. Walther supplied an estimated 31,000 RZM marked PPKs. This example is serial number 825152 is from a batch of which were serial numbered from 820000 to 845000. This being number 5125th from that batch. It is more than likely that this pistol, along with its owner would have been in the presences of Adolf Hitler!!!! The pistol is fitted with the correct early Walther marked magazine and one piece wrap around grips and magazine with matching grip extension, plus a period correct spare magazine and black leather holster.

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