Deactivated Pre WWII German Ortgies Pistol

Deactivated Pre WWII German Ortgies Pistol

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A pre WWII German Ortgies pistol, chambered in 6.35mm. This variant was the smallest calibred of the Ortgies range with only 183,000 produced in total, and was a very successful and reliable pistol. The Wehrmacht procured them when demand exceeded production of the standard military pistols, and as late as 1935 the German Army High Command ordered that all higher military courts should each be equipped with one Ortgies pistol for the Court Sergeants on duty.  WWII Luftwaffe pilots were also known to have used them being ideally suited without any external hammer and a simple button safety. Comes fitted with its original grips and magazine. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.

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