Deactivated Pre WWII German Sauer Model 1919 Pistol

Deactivated Pre WWII German Sauer Model 1919 Pistol

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This is a pre Second World War, Sauer model 1919 pistol. This is the second variant that was introduced in the early 1920s of which only 12,800 were made. Serial numbers ran from 30200 to 43000. This pistol is number 35,597th. The model 1919 was based on its bigger brother the model 1913, but chambered in 6.35mm. This particular example has some interesting markings. The frame is stamped "NOT ENGLISH MAKE". This was used on guns that were imported or brought into the UK during WWII and into the early 1950s before being discontinued. The overall condition of this pistol would strongly suggest that it was a bring back. German soldiers and airmen would often hide small pistols in theirs boots, pouches and clothing.

Deactivated to current speifications with full moving parts and removable magazine.

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