Deactivated RARE Late War MP44 / Sturmgewehr

Deactivated RARE Late War MP44 / Sturmgewehr

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This is a rare late war production MP44 or Strumgewehr made by Steyr. The serial number finishes with the letters H / XE, this configuration was only used by Steyr in early 1945 just before production ceased. Note the late war phosphate finish. In an attempt to increase production output the bluing process was eliminated. All of Steyr manufacture was designated as "MP44" with only 80,000 ever made by them. 1945 saw very few MP44's made by any of the four main companies contracted to make it. This example is from one of the very last batches that Steyr ever made early that year and has the correct "swj" and WaA623 codes and markings with matching numbers to upper and lower section. The barrel is also by Steyr. The final delivery of MP44's was received by the Wehrmacht in Spring of that year.

Including the Mkb42, MP43/1,MP43, MP44 & StG44 variants around 440,000 were ever made with the vast majority being destroyed during or after the war. This innovative weapon inspired today's assault rifles, for example the Kalashnikov AK47 & H&K G3 are both heavily based on this weapon.

The MP44/STG 44 was mainly issued to elite frontline Waffen-SS Panzer grenadier Divisions. These troops were among the most loyal and fierce German soldiers and were known to have fought until the last man.

A rare opportunity to own a legendary German assault rifle.  Deactivated to old specifications with a working action it cocks, strips and dry fires.

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