Deactivated RARE PO8 Artillery Luger chambered in 7.65mm

Deactivated RARE PO8 Artillery Luger chambered in 7.65mm

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This is a rare and very interesting First World War era PO8 Luger. The barrel is marked with a letter T in triangle within a circle, this is the mark of the Finnish, Tikkakoski factory. Another very interesting feature is the notch on the receiver ring, this is only found on WWI artillery Lugers. The notch is where the rear sight would have sat. The pistols calibre is also a rare feature, 7.65mm. This calibre is most commonly associated with contract Lugers and not German issued pistols. Germany predominantly used 9mm. However, the pistol is all matching numbers and has Imperial German Army acceptance stamps. The serial number is also very low, 1005 and has no letter suffix. If this pistol had been exported it would bear the Crown over N commercial proof stamps and, the German army markings would have been removed, so it is very unlikely that it was. It is quite plausible that it was built with the intension of being exported but was instead diverted to German military channels during WWI. It eventually ended up in Austria and was live proofed there, the NPv proofs on the underside of the barrel are only used by Austria.

Its certainly a very intriguing Luger. The finish looks to be factory with crisp numbering and light holster wear to the muzzle and frame shoulders. The trigger, safety and take down catch has the correct "straw" bluing. The magazine is of the correct period with wooden base.

Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.

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