Deactivated Rare Pre WWI Imperial German Army KAR98

Deactivated Rare Pre WWI Imperial German Army KAR98

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This is a superb condition and rare early pre First World War Imperial German Army Kar98 (Karabine Model 1898az). It was manufactured in 1912 by Danzig and has the correct imperial German army stamps. Virtually every part including the wood work, floor plate screws and even the magazine feed tray are matched. The beautiful wood work has a tiger flame pattern. The initial "A" stood for "with bayonet", the "Z" referred to the stacking L shape rod attachment. The Kar98 was first introduced in 1898, and adopted by the German army in 1902. Danzig Arsenal production ran from 1909 to 1913. Production figures for 1912 estimate that they only made 15,000 Kar98's, the lowest of all their production years! They were used extensively during WWI by various German units and regiments including cavalry, mountain troops and the original "Storm Troopers", during there trench raiding parties, with many seeing active service during WWII. It is rare to find such an early carbine still in such good original condition with so many matched parts.

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