Deactivated Rare WWII Beretta M1934 Romanian Contract

Deactivated Rare WWII Beretta M1934 Romanian Contract

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This is one of only 40,000 Beretta Model 1934 pistols that were delivered to the Romanian army during WWII. In August of 1940, the Romanian military placed a contract with Beretta for 61,000 model 1934 pistols chambered in 9mm Short. Serial numbers for the first batches ran from 1 to 40000. This pistol is an early example being number 11,209th from that 40,000. The slide legend reads "SCURT" which is Romanian for Short. This is only found on WWII Romanian contracted 1934s. The remaining 21,000 pistols were never delivered due to material shortages and lack of payment by the Romanian's. Most of these pistols were issued to the Romanian officers. In November 1940, Germany took overall control of the Romanian armed forces, and in June 1941 both forces attacked Russia. One of their goals being to recover Bessarabia and northern Bukovina which Stalin had taken earlier in 1940. This example has matching numbers with the correct inspectors mark CM within a circle and date of 1941.

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