Deactivated RARE WWII Nazi P38 HP

Deactivated RARE WWII Nazi P38 HP

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This is a rare WWII Nazi P38 HP pistol. The "HP" (Heerespistole) model was a commercial P38 that was produced along side the military model during WWII. However, not all were sold overseas but instead were issued to German forces. This example bears the Walther Waffen stamp Eagle over 359 and Nazi acceptance proof mark. The known serial numbers for these pistols are also unique and ran from 6925-23999, just 17,000 pistols. The placement of the serial numbers also differs from normal and can be found on top of the slide when cocked back. The letter 35 stamped of the frame is another very unusual marking, this was used on wartime contracted "HP's" destine for the Swedish military contract. Post war this pistol was re-assigned to the Austrian military and marked accordingly; BH = Bundes Heer = Austrian Army. Still in superb condition with all visible numbers matching the right grip has a small repair to the top front edge and both grips are Nazi wartime production marked. A rare and uniquely marked P38. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.

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