Deactivated Very Rare Early Production Walther P38

Deactivated Very Rare Early Production Walther P38

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This is a very rare early production Walther P38 - Zero "0" series pistol. As the name suggests these early pistols have a serial number that started with a zero and are the very first variant of the Walther P38 ever made. Serial numbers ran from 01 to 013000 with this example being number 07114 - pistol number 7,114th.  Production of the zero series first started in June 1939 and finished in May 1940. This one is from a batch of only 9,500 and dates to early 1940 production. It is correctly marked with the Walther banner on the slide and more importantly has the Nazi acceptance stamps WaA359. An interesting feature is the reworked and numbered barrel. At some stage during its service life the barrel was damaged and required replacing. The armourer has used a Spree Werke barrel and re-numbered to match the pistols serial numbers. This is a very good indication that this pistol saw active service. There are no capture or other counties ownership markings. All marked parts are correctly stamped with the Walther acceptance - Eagle over 359. The magazine bears an early Walther code "P38 over ac".

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