Deactivated Very Rare WWI German PO8 Luger

Deactivated Very Rare WWI German PO8 Luger

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This is a very rare First World War PO8 Luger. The reason this Luger differs from all others is the additional proof marks on the receiver and frame. They are stamped with the British military proof acceptance stamps the "crossed pennants". We have never seen these stamps on a Luger before. The crossed pennants stamps are normally found on weapons that were purchased by the British military from overseas contractors, for example a WWI Colt .455 Eley revolver and Smith & Wesson .455 revolver, or the WWII Inglis Browning High Power pistol. These stamps would indicate that this Luger was British military proofed and issued. As a non-standard British military firearm this would have been done for either weapons trials or more likely at the request a very senior British military person as his personnel sidearm. The pistol also bears the initials "BNP" = British Nitro Proof.

The Luger is dated 1918 and has all visible matching numbers apart from the magazine which is an original wooden based example and has the same "d" suffix as the pistols. It was manufactured by DWM and bears the correct First World Imperial German army acceptance stamps.

Deactivated to current specifications with full moving parts and removal magazine.

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