Deactivated Very Rare WWII German G43 Semi Automatic Rifle

Deactivated Very Rare WWII German G43 Semi Automatic Rifle

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This is a very rare WWII German G43 semi automatic rifle. It was manufactured in 1944 by Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik, their first year they were contracted to build the G43. That year they produced around 99,880 rifles with a total wartime production of just 156,000. They ceased manufacturing on May 2nd 1945; the same day that British troops secured the city of Lübeck. Berliner-Lübecker used the secret Nazi code "duv" and eagle over 214 acceptance stamps. An unusual feature only found on DUV G43's is the phenolic resin "Durofol" hand guard. This example has its original bolt and barrel with all marked parts correctly coded eagle over 214.

During production around 57,000 rifles were hand selected for sniping. These rifles were fitted with a ZF4 scope and mount. It is fitted with an original Nazi coded G43 magazine, WWII leather sling, cleaning rod and sight hood cover. The G43 was a very effective weapon during the war and could easily out perform the and aging German K98 and most other bolt action rifles. Fortunately for Allied forces it was introduced to late on in the war. A very rare and very desirable German rifle that was deactivated to old specifications with a working action. It can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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