Deactivated Very Rare WWII Luftwaffe MG15 Converted for Ground Use

Deactivated Very Rare WWII Luftwaffe MG15 Converted for Ground Use

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This is a very rare Nazi Luftwaffe MG15 aircraft gun that was converted to ground infantry use during the Second World War. Originally these guns were used on Nazi Germany's fighters and bombers but the calibre, 7.92mm was deemed obsolete and in-affective against enemy aircraft. These surplus MG15 was sold to the Romanian Airforce in their air cooled format. However, quantities were required to be converted from aircraft to ground infantry use in the campaign against the Soviet Union. However, at this time Romania didn't have the manufacturing capabilities to make these alterations, and all of Germany's arms factories were at full capacity. The only available factory was in France under Nazi occupation and this is where the work was carried out. This involved new sights, a shoulder rest, provision for mounting the weapon on the standard MG tripods or bipod, spent cartridge deflector and carrying sling. Official figures indicate that around 17,600 or so were completed and even fewer still were marked MG15, more commonly they are marked ST61. The following markings are only found of these guns; " Mitr.Rhn.7.9mm" which is abbreviation for "Mitrailleur Rheinmetall" and the German calibre of 7.92.

It is believed that the majority were then shipped back to Romania to fight the Russian's, however some may have been reissued to German forces. Indeed images from late on in the war clearly show German forces using whatever weaponry was to hand. This example has a low four digit serial number, 3263, and has the following makers markings used by Heinrich Krieghoff. They are; Eagle over 2 proof mark with the initials HK within a circle - Heinrich Krieghoff .

A rare WWII gun that flew with the Luftwaffe and was later used on the ground!. It comes fitted with an original Luftwaffe 75 round saddle drum magazine, removable bipod, carry handle and shoulder stock.

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