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Deactivated WW1 German PO8 Luger with Holster

Deactivated WW1 German PO8 Luger with Holster

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This is a fascinating First World War issued Imperial German PO8 Luger. Dated 1915, it was made by DWM (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionfabriken) and carries the correct Imperial German army acceptance and proof stamps. The pistol is completely original with every single numbered part matched to the gun - even the grips and magazine are factory original!!! Now this is where it gets more interesting! On the front of the pistol grip are two sets of numbers "212.  32. ". These are believed to be the incomplete unit markings, note the deliberate spaces left between the two sets of numbers. "212." refers to the 212th Infantry regiment and the "32." the weapon number. Between the numbers would have most likley been the letter R for Infantry Regiment followed by a company number. For example 212. R. 7. 32. = 212th Infantry Regiment , 7th Kompany, weapon number 32. As to why these markings were not completed remains a mystery however, one plausible explanation is that the pistol was required elsewhere. In 1915 men and weapons were in very high demand with some German regiments being decimated. All serviceable weapons were routinely re-allocated elsewhere. A fascinating and unique Luger. Included with this remarkable pistol is a completely original 1915 dated holster made by Carl Lottman, Arnstadt.

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