Deactivated WWI Austro-Hungarian M95 Rifle

Deactivated WWI Austro-Hungarian M95 Rifle

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This is an untouched First World War Steyr M95 rifle in its original calibre. Unlike the vast majority of M95's, this one hasn't received the post WWI cartridge upgrade. In 1930 most M95 rifles were converted to the more powerful 8x56R M30 ammunition and marked with the letter "S" on the receiver ring. This rifle evaded upgrade because it didn't return from service after WWI. The overall appearance and condition would confirm that it was recovered from the battlefield. All visible parts are still matched and just visible is the 1916 Austro-Hungarian acceptance stamp on the barrel ring. Incredibly the wood work is complete and the action is still smooth and crisp with the internal magazine parts functional as well. A rare find when you consider that it is 103 years old!

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