Deactivated WWI German Hebel M1894 Flare/Signal pistol

Deactivated WWI German Hebel M1894 Flare/Signal pistol

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This is a great condition original First World War issued German Hebel M1894 Flare/Signal pistol. Manufactured by L.B.J. with the correct imperial German army acceptance stamps. They were used by the German Military throughout both world wars, being used when signalling to German soldier to go "over the top" when leaving their trenches and engaging Allied forces. German aviators often carried this type of flare pistol to shoot at British aircraft and then-hydrogen filled balloons. Still in remarkably good original condition with its wartime bluing and wooden grips. All visible numbers are matched.

Flare pistols are not affected by the new regulations and can still be cocked, stripped and dry fired

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