Deactivated WWI German Reichs Revolver

Deactivated WWI German Reichs Revolver

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This is an original First World War Issued German Reichs Revolver with matching numbers. The M1879 Reichsrevolver, or Reichs-Commissions-revolver Modell 1879, was the standard service revolver used by the German Army from 1879 to 1908, before the PO8 Luger was adopted replacing it. These large revolvers were extremely robust and chamber a mighty 10.6mm round. Often favoured by front line troops on trench raids as it was far less prone to stoppages (unlike the Luger) and had formidable stopping power. They were used throughout WWI and even WWII, senior Nazi officers and Luftwaffe pilots are known to have use them.

The revolver is manufactured by Erfurt, with correct Imperial German Army inspection stamps and it is regimentally marked to the 9th Regiment, Field Artillery, 1st Company, weapon number 42. (9.A.1.42).

Deactivated to current specifications with clear chambers that will accept inert rounds and full moving parts.

This item is available for purchase and is being certificated at the proof house.

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