Deactivated WWI Gew98 by Amberg 1914

Deactivated WWI Gew98 by Amberg 1914

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This is a rare early First World War German Gew98 rifle. Amberg manufactured Gewhre 98s are among the rarest due to their very low production numbers. Note the serial number has an "a" suffix.  This example has most definitely seen front line service, evidence of this can be seen on the bolt. When a rifle was received back at the repair depot any replaced parts were re-numbered by the armorer to match the rifles serial number. Armorers would use any existing parts or spares to maintain weapons and if a replacement part had existing numbers these would be struck through. This can be seen on the bolt in this particular G98. Also the number "4" stamped on the butt stock plate is that of a repair depot. These depots were located very close the front lines during the Great War making it easier to transport damaged rifles to and fro. It is also documented that, depot repaired rifles were only sent to front line troops. This unequivocall evidence that this rifle actually saw active service during WW1, and on more than one occasion!!! A great piece of WWI history and a rare find.

Remarkable it still retains many of its original parts including the barrel, rear sight, wood work and floor plate.

Deactivated with a working action.

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