Deactivated WWI Imperial German Army P08 Luger

Deactivated WWI Imperial German Army P08 Luger

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This is a First World War dated Imperial German army P08 Luger, made by DWM and dated 1918. The receiver bears the correct Imperial army acceptance stamps. All visible numbers, including both grips are matching numbers with the exception being the magazine, which is an original WWI issue with wooden base and imperial acceptance stamp. The majority of the original factory straw bluing is still retained on the trigger, safety and take-down levers. This is an early 1918 production Luger with a "b" suffix after the serial number. The overall condition would indicate that it saw service during the Great War and of those that did survived the wat the majority were issued again during WWII. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired and comes with an EU/UK deactivation certificate.

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