Deactivated WWI Mauser Model 1914

Deactivated WWI Mauser Model 1914

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This Mauser model 1914 (chambered in 7.65mm) is one of only 10,699 made between 1913 to 1914. During this very short production period the slide was stamped with the early two line address and the Mauser banner below on the frame. Based on the serial numbers allocated to this variant, this pistol dates to 1914 as the year of manufacture and is around pistol number 8,545th from the 10,699 produced. All visible numbers are matched and it has the correct period Crown over U proof stamps. This model was purchased by the German war department and privately by German officers during the Great War. WWII saw them is service again with all branches of the Nazi regime. Deactivated to current specifications with full moving parts and removable magazine.

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