Deactivated WWI Nazi PO8 Luger - All Matching

Deactivated WWI Nazi PO8 Luger - All Matching

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An all matching numbers early WWII Nazi PO8 Luger. Dated 1937 it was manufactured by Mauser using secret makers code S/42. Mauser produced around 116,000 Lugers that year with majority being allocated and issued to the German military. This Luger is indicative of an early wartime pistol. These weapons were among the first to see use and although this one has seen extensive use it still remains complete. All parts are matched, even the grips and magazine! If you are looking for a Luger that has definitely seen action then look no further. Not restored or refinished. It has the correct early Wehrmacht drop wing Eagle proofs Eagle over 63 and straw blued parts. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.

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