Deactivated WWI Steyr M95 Carbine

Deactivated WWI Steyr M95 Carbine

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This is a very interesting WWI issued Austro-Hungarian, Steyr M95 carbine. It was originally issued mid way through the Great War and bears the Austro- Hungarian military acceptance stamps "WN 16" meaning Wiener-Neustadt 1916 and the Hapsburg eagle. In the 1930s it was upgraded to the then new 8x56 cartridge and marked with the letter S. During WWII circa 1938, after the Anschluss ("connection" in English) of Austria into the 3rd Reich, Nazi Germany took control and allocated nearly all of Austria's M95/30 rifles and Carbines to Bulgaria forces. This carbine then received the Bulgarian military acceptance marks, the letter N with a Rampant Lion on top. During the war it was then captured by the Russians and stamped with the letter X which is actually two crossed rifles. This is the Russian property marked applied to captured weapons.

A fascinating carbine that spans both world wars and both Allied and Axis forces. It has matching numbers including the bolt and has an armorers repair to the wood work. A clear indication of service use.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt and removable magazine. This rifle can still be fully dismantled with the exception of the bolt.

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