Deactivated WWII All Matching Numbers German MP44

Deactivated WWII All Matching Numbers German MP44

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This is a superb condition all matching numbers Sauer manufactured WWII German MP44/Stg44 "Sturmgewehr" assault rifle. Sauer made by far the fewest MP44 & STG44's of the four makers during WWII, only producing a total of just 55,000. The serial number (7287ad/45) dates to early 1945, with only Sauer being allotted the letters "ad" to be used in there serial number blocks. Underneath the receiver it is correctly marked ce (Sauer) and byf for Mauser (Eagle135 acceptance) who made the receiver for Sauer. 

The MP44 uses the 7.92 Kurtz (short) cartridge and was made from stamped parts making it relatively quick and cheap to make. This model the STG44 was only in production for just a few months at the end of the war with very few being made by Sauer, and arguably this variant by this maker is one of the rarest as so few were completed.

Including the Mkb42, MP43/1,MP43, MP44 & StG44 variants around 440,000 were ever made with the vast majority being destroyed during or after the war. This innovative weapon inspired today's assault rifles, for example the Kalashnikov AK47 & H&K G3 are both heavily based on this weapon.

The MP44/STG 44 was mainly issued to elite frontline Waffen-SS Panzer grenadier Divisions. These troops were among the most loyal and fierce German soldiers and were known to have fought until the last man.

A rare opportunity to own a legendary German assault rifle.

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