Deactivated WWII Czech Vz24

Deactivated WWII Czech Vz24

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This is a rare early WWII Nazi captured Czech Vz24 rifle. The receiver is marked and dated with the Czech proof stamp of E4 lion 39 (1939), however Czechoslovakia was invaded by Nazi Germany a year earlier in 1938. The Czech arms factories were of great importance to the Germans. All captured weaponry was put into service with all branches of the Nazi regime. Initially, most non-standard captured weaponry was allocated to non military and Para military branches of the German regime, such as the SS. The Vz24 is more or less a direct copy of the German Mauser K98 carbine, chambering the same 7.92mm round. This example is fitted with a Mauser marked floor plate, and still has the correct straight bolt lever and front sight protector that was fitted to this model.

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