Deactivated WWII Era JP Sauer M1930 Pistol

Deactivated WWII Era JP Sauer M1930 Pistol

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This is a fascinating JP Sauer M1930 Pistol. It is one of the very last examples of this model before the introduction of Behördenmodell M1930. October 1930 saw the introdcution of the Behördenmodell starting with serial number 200,000 although there were pre-production prototypes as early as serial number 185,440. This M1930 is serial number 185,405 just 35 pistols before the earliest known prototype of Behördenmodell. They are beautifully made and compact pistols chambered in the readily available 7.65mm that was in use with German military and police units. During WWII both models were issued among German police and paramilitary units.

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