Deactivated WWII Era Mauser C96 Schnellfeuer Pistol

Deactivated WWII Era Mauser C96 Schnellfeuer Pistol

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This variant of the Mauser C96 is referred to as the "Schnellfeuer" meaning “fast fire”. Other designations that it was given are the M1932 or M712. It was in production from 1932 – 1936 with around 100,000 made. Though it was originally meant for export to South America, China, and Spain, many never shipped and instead were used by the German Wehrmacht during World War II, being designated as the M712. Because it was a nonstandard firearm and calibre (7.63mm) the German's issued them to the Waffen SS and other Nazi paramilitary organisations. They were hugely popular within these groups and units and were used to great effect throughout WWII, and along with the PO8 Luger, the Schnellfeuer was a very popular bring back by Allied troops. The Chinese wording means "Made in Germany" and doesn't necessarily mean it was exported. Guns that were being made for export during this period were marked accordingly but were instead secretly diverted to the Nazi military.  Deactivated to current specifications.

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