Deactivated WWII German Browning 1922 Model 626(b)

Deactivated WWII German Browning 1922 Model 626(b)

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This is a WWII Nazi manufactured Browning 1922 designated as the model 626(b) by the Germans. This model succeeded the first WaA613 variant but was only made for just one year -1941. Total estimated production was only 36,000 pistols. These pistols are typically found in the serial range of 24,000 to 60,000. This example is a fairly early gun being serial number 34,167 which would indicate it to be around gun number 10,167th dating it to early 1941. It has all matching numbers and the correct WaA103 acceptance and Eagle proof stamps. The 1922s were produced at the Belgium plant under German occupation during WWII. Production started in 1940 and ended when liberated in 1944. They were issued to the Luftwaffe, German government and military as officer's and official's sidearms. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.Comes with an EU/UK deactivation certificate.

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